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L ate Mr. Haji Abdul Hamid Qureshi Believe And Reach A Level Of Success And Fame With His Two Own Food Chains, Owner And Founder Of “Haji Tikka Corner” And Hamza Fast Food At Bhendi Bazaar. (Bohri Mohalla) Here’s Some Success Story Of Hard Work And True Determination Of Late Mr. Haji Abdul Hamid Qureshi, A Man With Pure Heart And Sacred Mind, Born On 5th January 1965.His Hard Work And Pure Thoughts From His Childhood To A Success Face Was Because Of His Beloved Family, His Two Sons, The Elder Son Named Samad Qureshi And Younger Shadab Qureshi .He Has Built His Own Food Chains By The Grace Of Allah With Immense Hard Work. Haji Tikka Corner Happened In The Year 1991. It Gained Popularity In The Area Famous For A Varied Taste Of Tikkas And Kebabs’. The Reason Haji Tikka Corner Became A Big Name Today Was Because Of Its Mouth Watering Authentic Tasty Food Served At A Very Reasonable Rate.

M utton Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Kheeri, Chicken Seekh, Malai Tikka, Tandoori, Boti Kabab Are Some The Finest Delicacies Served At Haji Tikka Corner. The Fast Food Joint Name “Hamza Fast Food” Is An Irresistible And Famous Amongst Young Boys And Girls For Its Mouth Watering Delicacies Like Chicken Cheese Burger, Hawaiian Sandwich, Smoke Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Mayonnaise Roll, Oriental Chicken Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza And Recently Started Lebanese Dishes Like Dajjaj Chicken Shawarma, Hummus, Falafels, Dajjaj Kabsa Rice And Many More To Come By The Qureshi Brothers. This Two Food Chains Are A Must Visit For People Staying In Bombay And The Ones Coming From Outside Too. When The First Haji Tikka Corner Opened In Mumbai Several Years Ago, All The Food Preparations Were Ceremoniously Undertaken And Mixed As Were The Original Recipes from Centuries Ago. Today The Qureshi Brothers Continue To Keep These Traditions Sacred And Also Maintain The Essential Spirit And Methodology Which Goes Into The Preparation Of Food. And That Is What Has Made Haji Tikkka Corner And Hamza Fast Food The Most Sought After Mughlai Dining Experience In Mumbai City.

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